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bullet"Tom, thanks again for making my home inspection experience informative and worth every penny.  I want to stress how professional and helpful you were. I appreciate the information that you gave me to help preserve all aspects of the home, much of which you included in the report. I will definitely refer you to anyone who is the market for an inspection."

Thanks again!  Michael G. (11/3/2009)

bullet"David and I would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your meticulous pre-purchase inspection on our home 5 Mar 09.  Sir, we are exceptionally appreciative for all of your time and efforts put forth for our new-found residence.  Your specific and clear-cut report reflects a superb level of distinctive compassion while demonstrating a multifaceted level of expertise and professionalism.

We truly are satisfied with the inspection performed on the property.  Thank you for making a process which could have been laborious and troublesome a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure.  Mr. Appleby, the ability you have to facilitate the concept terminology of a home inspection to individual(s) whose focal point or career specialty is from a far different background did not go un-noticed.  Thank you for having the insistence, kindheartedness and admiration for your customers.  I would recommend Appleby Inspection Services, Inc. to my family, friends, co-workers, realtors and any home buyer."

- David & Michelle (Military) (3/5/2009)

bullet "Tom:  That's a great report.  The pictures are particularly helpful.  I feel like I got great value for the time you put in and I'll be happy to recommend you to friends who are in similar circumstances.  Thanks again for your hard work.

 -Matt (attorney) (7/12/2007)

bullet"Letter of Recommendation

We used Tom on our recent house contract in Calera. Having had many house inspections over the last few years, we feel we are "seasoned" veterans. However, Tom surprised us. We have never experienced a more qualified and caring individual.

Tom was on time, had the necessary equipment, and most importantly, a very professional approach. He answered all of our questions and did not rush the inspection. Tom welcomed us to follow him around and ask questions that came to our mind. At the end he sat down with us and went over his findings and made sure we understood what would appear in the report.

His final report, which could be immediately downloaded from his website, was very detailed and in plain language that anyone could understand. We have seen may reports, but this one was the most well documented and the easiest to follow one that we have seen. His suggestions were tied to national standards and local codes. The report had several categories including those things that needed attention and those things that would need attention in years to come.

Frankly, a report by Appleby Inspections is the best money you could spend if you are buying or selling a home. In the Birmingham area, we do not think a better inspector could be found. "

The Waldons (episcopal priest) (7/11/2007)"

bullet"As always, you did an excellent job and provided me with professionally looking finished product chocked full of pertinent info in a very timely fashion. I honestly don't know how you could improve on your service. " (DB 5/24/07)
bullet"Thanks so much.  I was extremely impressed by your thoroughness and knowledge, and each of those qualities, as applicabe to the inspection today, are appreciated and will help me in maintaining our home for years to come." (DW 4/3/07)

"I just read your entire home inspection report as I communicated my concerns to my agent. I just wanted to say again how impressed I was! You were so thorough and the ease of reading the report and all the digital pictures made it such a breeze. Thanks again! " (DN 3/16/07)

bullet"Wanted to let you know about the roof. Thanks again, you are a credit to your profession, sir!  Your service went beyond expectations and included professional email and detailed reports."  (SP 2/28/07)
bullet"Thanks for the very professional job you did for this returning customer. Due to the number of times I have moved, I have used numerous pre-inspection services and yours is by far the best I have had. Your thoroughness in the areas of potential buyer problems has saved me both time and money in the purchase of my last two houses. Wish you had been around for some of the other purchases I have made."  (DW - 8/2/06)
bullet"Thank you so much for your thorough inspection! The pictures and detail you went into made the process so much simpler!" (RB - 4/4/05)
bullet"And again, thanks for the excellent job you did on the inspection.  Both [of us] truly appreciate the extra time you took and the detailed nature of your inspection.  We will recommend you to anyone and everyone.  It is always a pleasure working with people of your commitment, integrity, knowledge, and skill level.  If there were such a thing, you would clearly have our vote for “Inspector of the Year”."  (FY - 10/04)
bullet"I appreciate the professionalism and expertise you exhibited during the home inspection. I particularly enjoyed the insights and suggestions you shared and also commend and thank you for being able to put up with me tagging along and asking all those questions. You made the experience truly enjoyable and enlightening as well as fun! Thanks again." (ES - 9/04)
bullet"I would like to let you know that I am 110% satisfied with your work and was very impressed with your thoroughness during the inspection.  I feel I got more than my money’s worth and would highly recommend your services in the future. Thank you so much for your hard work and insight into a subject of which I have very little knowledge.  Your experience and professionalism is a breath of fresh air in the very hectic process of purchasing a home." (GR - 8/04)
bullet"Thanks Tom for a great job!"  (BJ - 8/04)
bullet"The house is great and we are getting married on Saturday. Thank you so much for the great job you did, it was definitely worth the money. Everything with the firewall got straightened out and [we are] making the minor adjustments you suggested. I hope everything is going well for you and yours. God Bless."  (HA - 8/04)
bullet"Thank you for your very professional services. It is wonderful to work with someone whom you can trust in the home buying process. I will be sure to refer your services to several of my friends around town who have started the house-hunting process." (7/04)
bullet"[The realtors] were really impressed with the way that you did the inspection.  They said they had never seen a report so well done." (7/04)
bullet"I really appreciate the detailed inspection report. I am very impressed with the visual aids that help simplify the report. It is the most professionally done report that I have seen. I certainly do appreciate the amount of effort and detail that went into it's preparation. We will certainly make every effort to correct the problems found. My family is very precious to me.  Thanks again."  (LW - 4/14/04)
bullet"I cannot thank you enough for doing my home inspection.... I have prayed a lot about this house and this entire home-buying process, and I must tell you that you are a huge answer to prayer.  I was anxious about the inspection, but I have no worries about it now!  Thanks again."
bullet"Thanks for everything.  You did a great job."
bullet"We really appreciate your careful and thorough home inspection.  You displayed obvious care for our interests as future homeowners.  Our realtor, -------, was similarly impressed.  Please do not hesitate to call on us as a reference for future clients if/whenever you desire."
bullet"I just want to thank you for taking the time, the energy and the research to investigate our current living situation.  It was a relief to get a more professional opinion. As a home builder, I was impressed with the thoroughness with which you conducted your investigation and I look forward to recommending your services to friends and family.  I cannot thank you enough for the write up and I will keep you posted on our progress."


bullet"Again, thanks for your thorough examination. I felt very safe and secure with what you provided me and I will certainly recommend you to any of my peers that may need home inspections."